Stripchat is an online adult site and chat network featuring free live streamed live webcam sessions, often with sex and nudity, in both virtual and real reality formats. The site usually averages about 60 thousand visitors a month, as seen by SimilarWeb. Most of the traffic is from users outside of the United Kingdom, though some may come from within. Unlike other sites on the web, Stripchat allows members to communicate through its chat system through either a regular text message or instant messengers like MSN, Yahoo, Skype, etc. It is a fairly new service, though it already boasts several hundred thousand channels.

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Unlike other cam chat services or applications, however, Stripchat does not require any sort of payment or subscription. The subscriber can simply view the webcam chat sessions for free, and in addition, there are a number of interactive “rooms” or “surrounds” where members can interact socially. There are also a few ways for Stripchat subscribers to earn rewards or prizes.


First, if you want to, you can purchase Stripchat membership through a site like PayPal or direct from Stripe. These services will require that you give some information, such as your name and email address. The next step, then, is to browse through some of the available “rooms” or “boards” on the cam site. Each room has a set of predefined chat actions which may include Stripchat signatures or links, and which may be used to initiate cam sessions. Simply follow the link and begin chatting!


There are a few things to remember, however, as you begin using this innovative service. For one thing, if you wish to pay for a session, you will have to do so via a private show. While other rooms are open to public, private shows are only accessible to specific subscribers. This restriction does not, however, mean that you cannot enjoy Stripchat. As a matter of fact, it may even be possible to earn large amounts of Stripchat tokens simply by participating in live sex shows.


So, how can you use Stripchat to make money? If you are an accomplished cam model, you can earn cash by joining a private show that allows Stripchat members to earn cash through their performances. These live sex events are conducted by private strip club owners who want to reward their best dancers with large sums of money. If you can stand around the cam during a private show, you could very well earn several hundred dollars – in just a single show! However, because Stripchat allows only a select number of users into the private shows, you may have to pay an initial fee before you can become a member.


For those who are interested in earning even more money, they can combine the private shows with public stripclub visits. By joining as a member of at least two or three different strip clubs, you will be able to take advantage of special offers and deals. These offers usually involve special VIP tickets and access to private bars. In addition, some shows include complimentary entry for couples, while others offer double the amount of couples entries for the same price. This is a great way to get into some really exclusive clubs for a modest investment.


The easiest way to get involved with Stripchat is to act as a buyer and seller. All you need to do is buy a membership for Stripchat and when someone becomes a member, they can then invite friends to join them. They can then ask friends to send them a few strips as gifts, which they can then trade with each other. As a seller, you can then post ads on the site asking that your favourite performer accept your stripchat tokens. Each time a participant sends you one of your tokens, you will receive a payment.


While you can buy and sell your own Stripchat tokens, it is also possible to work with professional web girls who are willing to give you access to their exclusive networks of members. If you want to find a great bargain, you should search for someone who is offering top quality strips. If you choose a reputable web girl, chances are that you will be able to build up a lasting relationship, which can lead to other, more exciting offers. As a winner of many of the stripchats that you have been a part of, you may even be eligible to win special gifts such as trip tickets and night in hotels. Therefore, by choosing to become a member of Stripchat, you can reap the benefits of meeting new web girls and building up your own virtual fortune.