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So, your girlfriend is ready for sex but you are not sure about her desires and if she really wants to have an affair or not. The thing is, there is no one perfect woman in every man’s bed. What you need is some sex tips that would spice up your sex life. Well here are some tips to help you. We all know that having great sex is all about how you start things. Read on to discover some of the best sex tips you can use right now to spice things up in the bedroom.


Rule #1: Be polite. Yes, we all know what the point of live sex cam sites are and you better know that the ladies both do what you ask. But that does not give you free rein to be an uncaring jerk! Say hello to the lady that watches out for your behavior. When you see her watching, say hello, be nice, be sweet and say something sweet to her… tell her you love her.


Rule #2: Be a gentleman. Yes, the women are watching you and they will judge you by their judging eyes. They may decide you are a jerk and they don t like your style of talking or your looks. No matter what, be a gentleman. Look the ladies in the eye and say hello and good luck to whoever you are hanging with at the time.


Rule #3: Be smart about it. There is nothing more enticing than watching people having sex on live sex cam sites. There are people out there that are looking to meet someone to have long-lasting sexual relationships. Now, this is where you come in. The real adult cam girls and the new chat rooms, you must make the most of the situation.


If you are pretty much new to the world of cam shows then you should start off with a free membership to one of the better cam shows. This way you can get to know the other performers. If you go to a free show and watch one of the older pretty girls, then you are going to see the same behavior on many others. You need to make the most of your experience and take your skills from there.


Now, if you want to really impress the other participants then you need to try the advanced private shows. The pros include chat rooms, video, animated displays, music, and a wide variety of other interactive features that will really blow the other participants away. The pros include the ability to see all the performers without having to scroll across the screen or click on individual cameras.


The cons of using these private shows include the price of membership. Many of these shows have very high ticket prices. You can easily spend hundreds and thousands of dollars just for access to the private shows. And then you have to deal with the actual performers. Many of the pros of these events are overshadowed by this factor.


To avoid spending so much money on private shows you should try using the free cam girls online sites. These sites feature adult cam girls that you can contact and send tokens to. Using tokens makes it much easier for you to build up a collection of girls to send back your tokens to. This will allow you to build up your own personal bankroll for the event instead of being dependent on the next guy. And, best of all, you do not have to spend any money at all!