Nutaku is a multi-player online game platform with mainly anime games. In Japan, Nutaku is one of the top ranked MMORPGs (MMORPGs) at present. Found in Canada, Nutaku provides unique games with adult content. The platform also focuses on mobile, browser and downloadable games, giving unlimited options and microtransactions.


As of late, Nutaku has acquired major success and recognition from overseas players as well. This has further helped the platform to expand into various other countries and offer mobile application capabilities. As of mid-2021, Nutaku now has 50 million registered users from over half of the world. This shows the huge interest of Nutaku in its mobile application development and mobile world gaming capabilities. Nutaku also aims at offering complete online gaming experience by allowing the player to enjoy the whole world gaming experience through its application.


Nutaku boasts of a huge database of different games, which are all updated regularly. This helps the users find something that they like to play and can progress through the game. The platform also offers its innovative technology called Online Worldaver. It enables the Nutaku users to add their friends who may be across the world and enjoy playing the game together and making new online friends.


Another great innovation of Nutaku is the fact that it allows the players to play their favorite adult game on their cell phones and tablet devices. The platform offers exciting new gaming experiences by combining these with advanced features such as high-speed internet access and smart web layout. The smart web layout allows the players to move the interface around the screen easily to get the optimal gaming experience.


Another exciting innovation of Nutaku is its partnership with J-Clan. J-Clan is a Japanese-based company, which offers its unique applications and downloads to the users in order to make it easier for them to play online games. The Nutaku team has worked closely with J Clan to offer its wide selection of games including action, arcade, simulation, sports and more. These games have a unique clean and fresh look, which attracts a number of people from different age groups.


Last but not the least, Nutaku has partnered with VR Revolution to offer its customers an exceptional and exciting new opportunity. Nutaku has entered into a joint venture with this international company to develop and manufacture high quality and popular hentai adult games which can be downloaded from the Nutaku website and can be played on the HTC Wildfire, Gear VR, PlayStationVR and other popular headsets and mobile devices. Nutaku has also announced a further collaboration with Chinese firm Lelecom to develop additional titles in the range of NutakuVR.


Apart from these major announcements, nutaku games have also been enhanced to incorporate innovative technology that includes; 3D projection, 360 degree camera views, and the implementation of advanced image capturing and editing techniques. This new generation gaming experience offered by nutaku has attracted a number of large and small companies across the world who are looking forward to adopt Nutaku technologies into their respective mobile devices and handheld devices. As a part of the deal, several well known companies like KolaTech, Tango telekinesis and Fujitsu have formed an alliance to collaborate with the leading Nutaku developers to further enhance the use of their multimedia applications and Nutaku banner ads across a variety of platforms. Recently, nutaku games have been included in the list of Google Play, which means that Android users will be able to access nutaku games more easily. The Google play store offers a rich variety of free video and audio games which users can choose from according to their preference.


Nutaku’s mission is to bring together hentai enthusiasts and vr lovers from all around the world through the use of the most advanced website design. The Nutaku team has taken great care to ensure that their site incorporates only the best features and functionality so that users do not face any compatibility issues when they start downloading and playing games. The site is designed to function as an all in one vr gaming site that offers downloads of hentai movies and hentai wallpapers and live broadcasts of hentai matches.