My Dirty Hobby

My Dirty Hobby is an adult internet dating website that specializes in photographs and videos of nude men and women. The website started in 2021 and was created by independent photographer David York. My Dirty Hobby started out with a simple mission to simply photograph people in their underwear. A few months later, they added a live chat option, which really helped broaden their member base. In just a few months, My Dirty Hobby had become extremely popular.


My dirty hobbies are all about sharing my passion for eroticism and sexual exploration with others. My hobbies have taken me all over the world to places I would never have thought of going. In fact, some of my favorite cities include Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, New York and Vegas. My free webcam show at the University of Brighton has been viewed thousands of times.


What started as a hobby has now expanded into a business with more than twenty thousand members. My free weekly webcams are now being used by people all over the world. My hobby has also given me the opportunity to make friends all over the world. Although My Dirty Hobby is completely adult oriented, many of the members are regular people who are fun and creative. They are very open about their homemade porn and often encourage others to post theirs as well.


My Dirty Hobby is mainly based around two subjects: German women and German men. On My Dirty Hobby’s webcam show, we discuss the art of picking up German women, giving them head and/or breasts. Other subjects on My Dirty Hobby webcam include making homemade porn stars, how to talk to and flirt with German men, wild bed techniques and more. In addition to the webcam shows, members are able to watch full episodes of My Dirty Hobby videos on their desktop versions. My Girlfriend From Germany is one of these videos.


My girlfriend from Berlin, Germany sent me a private e-mail two weeks ago. I responded almost immediately, and we talked for hours on Skype. The conversation lasted for over two days! Needless to say, we hit it off pretty well.


Now, it’s time for her to upgrade to a premium account so that she can see all the videos on MyGirlfriendFrom Berlin. She has been a premium member for over a month now. Her excitement and interest in making MyGirlfriendIn Berlin’s webcam show has caught my attention. I created a free gift for her with a link to her new premium account. Right now, she has paid just shy of $40 for this special gift. All I did was add her to my social media list.


Now I have her My Dirty Hobby account, and I can invite her over to my place whenever I want. Plus, she can also make homemade porn for her other friends while at the same time getting paid for it. It’s a win-win situation. She will also have the ability to view and comment on other things I post live on my social media channels. Now she’s a premium member too!


If you are a German, My Dirty Hobby will help you bond with your girlfriend. The special webcam offers views from the perspective of a German woman. For some, this is exciting because they love to watch their women being sexy. My girlfriend is the real thing; this is a great way for us to share a bit more of ourselves.


As a premium member, you will also receive access to myspace and can create your own page. You can add in music, galleries, and chat rooms. You can even set up events to connect with other My Dirty Hobby members. My girlfriend enjoys learning how to play piano, so we recorded a song and added it to our My Dirty Hobby library. And don’t forget to download the free My Dirty Coins!


My girlfriends and I go through the motions of creating homemade porn for our My Dirty Hobby members. We take turns and perform together. It is very satisfying knowing that your loved one or friend will be enjoying something so private and intimate. My girlfriends and I encourage everyone to try My Dirty Hobby if you have never used a webcam before.


My girlfriend and I have had lots of fun since joining My Dirty Hobby. My hobby has taken us all over the world. We have visited my grandparents in Germany and learned about the history of the Second World War through the eyes of a German soldier. We made friends with people in Spain and hung out in nightclubs in Berlin. My German girlfriend even managed to learn how to speak some German, which was pretty cool. If you have never used a webcam to explore your My Dirty Hobby interests, you owe it to yourself to find out how much fun you can have with them both personally, and via live webcams.