Mofos is an up and coming Canadian adult film producer/performer. In 2004, he made his first film called No Limits. The movie was directed by none other than Bang! himself, Guy Ritchie. The movie depicts the lives of two high school football players who are friends, roommates and pot smokers.


Recently, Mofos has ventured into producing and directing reality porn movies for men that will be targeted at younger audiences. So far Mofos has produced and directed two petite girls porn movies. In his latest movie, titled No Limits, the main character Rachel Cross (played by Holly Marie Combs) moves from Canada to New York City. She enjoys both exotic locales and the nightlife but is always willing to take it slow when it comes to sex and her abstinence.


Rachel, like many young women in the film, is also very disappointed with her recent romantic experience. She meets a handsome man named Justin in hopes of starting a serious relationship. However, things don’t go well between the two as Justin is more focused on having sex than establishing a meaningful relationship with Rachel. Things get so bad that at one point, Rachel ends up straying and goes on a wild goose chase looking for her next man.


Mofos decided to make his movie more realistic and feature real people. In doing so, he hoped to give a more truthful depiction of what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone who is not your boyfriend or husband. Mofos wanted to make a movie that would be appealing to men. In addition to the women, he hoped that he could create a scene that would appeal to the male viewers as well. In his mind, this meant making sure that the woman involved was provocative and beautiful.


Mofos thought that creating petite girls in adult movies would be a great way to attract a younger, more impressionable market. He knew that a lot of men prefer petite women because they can look sexier and younger. Plus, he thought that it would be easier to attract these women to view his movie because they are more aroused by beautiful women in the beginning. Mofos was right. His movie did become wildly popular among women of all ages.


The success of Mofos’ film encouraged other couples to try their hand at making their own movies. There were a number of these that came out. However, the most successful of the lot was created by filmmakers Marina van Gogh and Vincent Persaud. Their story, entitled “The Stone Fruit,” won the first award at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie itself was not a box office smash but it did become a sensation, selling more than 2 million copies worldwide.


“The Stone Fruit” gave rise to several other films about life on the eve of marriage for women. The next film that they made, “Theector,” followed the same formula. However, they managed to take the concept of a story about life after marriage and make it even more interesting and appealing. They depicted a happy and contented married couple who had two children.


One of Mofos’s movies that I absolutely love is “Irene.” This is a film about a young girl who has a strong desire to become a ballet dancer. She moves to Paris to study ballet with the greatest master of them all, Andre Deppe. Mofos stars as Aurelie Gavarini, the best known female ballet dancer of her time. While in Paris, she meets a man named Maxim, whom she falls in love with. This film shows the exuberance and beauty that can come from having a goal and working towards it through the course of one’s lifetime.