Granny cam

Hidden Granny Cams Protect Loved Ones From Intruders

Granny cam: A tiny camcorder (usually a small video camera and audio recorder in a single unit), which shows a live video feed of senior citizens, in a private home, to either keep track of them during their day-to-day activities, or to keep an eye on senior family members who are unsupervised and not near the senior living quarters. Also called a granny-camera or granny CAM. Sometimes referred to as a “nanny cam” or “danny cams”. There are many different types available.


Some care homes and nursing homes will allow cameras for “visitors” only; others will allow all members of the household to be filmed without first obtaining the resident’s permission. Most homes and health care facilities will not allow cameras inside private homes. However, some may have been installed within the walls of senior living communities and hotels.


The most popular type of granny cam is used by a parent or family member looking to document the care of a senior parent or other family member with special needs. This is a hidden camera, disguised as something else, that can be hidden almost anywhere. It can be disguised as a lamp, alarm clock, pillow, or even a stuffed animal. Some are so small you can easily place it inside a pocket, purse or small compartment of a bag, or shoe. They can also be hidden inside shoe-boxes or inside the glove box of a car. Often these hidden cameras are used for senior day care services.


In a way, hidden video cameras are no different than modern “nanny cams” or hidden cameras used by security firms. They both record video footage secretly, and can be viewed later. However, while the objective of using a granny cam or other surveillance equipment might be to monitor the care of a senior, the purpose of nursing home surveillance is to protect the elderly residents of the home. Most families who use such cams feel much better knowing that their loved ones are being cared for in a loving and dedicated manner. It relieves some of the stress and worry of living alone, knowing that your loved one is being cared for appropriately.


Having a granny cam in place in a nursing facility provides peace of mind for both the families and the residents. The most important thing about any surveillance system, whether it is used by a professional or by an individual, is the feeling of security that it provides. This is why many families choose to install video cameras throughout their property. It helps prevent crime from occurring, and it can catch anyone in the act of breaking the law.


Many families and health care providers install such cameras because they offer a high level of protection. The presence of a granny cam can help prevent abuse of a patient by providing proof for the prosecution if an abusive situation comes to light. Senior citizens are susceptible to falling and breaking bones in a number of places on their bodies. Elderly residents may also fall due to slips and falls, as well as from beds that do not have the proper safety rails in place.


When installing granny cams, families and health care providers are protecting their residents’ rights to privacy. While it is true that the rights of Americans to privacy are among the most protected in the nation, it can still be challenging for people to understand when they are being intruded on. Even when a family member’s rooms are locked, they may feel more comfortable leaving their doors unlocked so that they can see who is coming in at night. This allows them to maintain a higher sense of security, but it may also encourage criminals to break into the homes of their neighbors.


It is important that families and senior citizens keep in mind that they have certain rights when it comes to their privacy. While it may be more difficult to understand, protecting one’s privacy rights may ultimately make the prevention of crime more difficult, especially when the residents of the home are confined to their bedrooms. If there are no visible granny cams in the rooms of the senior citizens in an assisted living facility, they may be more vulnerable to crime. As such, it is very important to monitor what one’s loved ones are doing while they are alone. Installing hidden granny cameras can help to ensure that this will not occur.