Digital Playground

Digital Playground Incorporated is an American adult film studio, based in Burbank, California. It is described by Reuters as one of America’s five largest porn companies and, in 2021, was named by Variety as one of only a few studios that dominates the U.S. adult video industry. According to Variety, Digital Playground’s core product line is “mature content directed at mature audiences,” which it defines as including “licentious materials,” “pornographic videos,” and “nudice.” At the time of this writing, Digital Playground has five digital movie stores, but it does plan to add more stores to its lineup as the company expands into additional markets. It also offers VOD services, via its website, for an additional fee. Digital Playground’s website includes a glossary of terms for the use of which, as an adult yourself, you are urged to be well informed.


Pirates II, which starred Tom Cruise as Captain Jack Sparrow, grossed an estimated $1.2 million in the United States in its opening weekend. Digital Playground’s official statement about the film’s success quotes Cruise as saying that the virtual sex playground “is a better alternative than going to see a movie.” In other words, pirates it may very well be the first online X-rated movie to achieve mainstream success. This achievement was achieved due in large part to the marketing efforts being applied by Digital Playground, with an “activated campaigns” including a viral movie trailer that spread across the internet like wildfire. All successful movies must, of course, have a good marketing campaign behind them and Pirates II was no exception.


If there is any doubt about Digital Playground’s desire to become one of the biggest porn companies in the World, their decision to feature the very latest in anal prolapse techniques, “the banana” video, should put that to rest. There was considerable backlash against Digital Playground’s inclusion of this particular video on their website, but Digital Playground defended their decision by declaring that they felt it was a logical move given the state of worldwide panic over the prospect of an impending “honeymoon vacation” in an African resort surrounded by thousands of naked strangers. Of course, nobody really got to see the video; it was only viewable by a few selected people on the company’s website who paid for the VIP access. Still, the video did a lot to raise awareness about the dangers of visiting an African resort, just as the original Planet of the Apocalyptic Research Facility did. Clearly, Digital Playground was onto something.


Of course, it didn’t hurt that they had the great Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. But Digital Playground was already proving to everyone that they were serious about establishing a name in the adult entertainment industry and making the most of what the Internet has to offer. The company’s first major hit was their amazingly funny Pirates of the Caribbean video. A hilarious parody of piracy, they set the bar for all future efforts. Digital Playground proved itself to be one of, if not the most successful U.S. based playgroups of the decade.


Their second release, digitally re-mastered for a high-definition transfer was equally successful. The added benefit of a higher quality image was apparent even on a relatively low budget; the footage looked absolutely beautiful. The success of Digital Playground’s high-definition transfer of their popular DVD movies led to the group being named “The Pirate Bay” in reference to their popularity and the notorious bootleg DVD copies which continually popped up around the country. Digital Playground was able to capitalize on the pirate craze and turn it into their new career-defining feature.


A year later, Digital Playground was named one of “The Xbiz Award’s Best Interactive DVD” and “The Avn Award’Best Interactive DVD” at the AVN Awards. Undaunted by the criticism that came from those in the adult DVD industry, Digital Playground decided to double down and create an even more robust website. This time around they were targeting an even broader audience. This time around the “citation needed” was even more fierce as they were looking for someone to actually create the content, which would replace all of their previous efforts. This time around, they were looking for someone with experience in the adult industry and an understanding of how to use social networking sites like Facebook to leverage their newfound position as an online entrepreneur.


In January of this year they launched their third project, “Digital Playground Don’t Die.” This time around, the team was seeking someone with a background in engineering. They needed someone who could provide the programming behind the scenes – someone who could ensure that Digital Playground would always remain a viable and legal service available to people all across the country. The Avn Award’Best Executive Team was impressed with the vision of this new venture, and this is precisely the type of savvy entrepreneur that Digital Playground needs in order to carry on the work that Digital Playground started three years ago.


So Digital Playground did not win the AVN Awards for Best Online Franchise or the Avn Award for Best Executive Team, but they did win an impressive second award. Digital Playground has grown leaps and bounds since its inception. Now they are making plans to expand into other areas like educational programming and offering a pay-per-performance service via their website. They hope to soon be offering a variety of adult production company opportunities which will enable them to expand their offerings even further.