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Ashley Madison, or the Ashley Madison Foundation, is a global internet dating service and social network organization marketed exclusively to individuals who are either in relationships or who are already married. Members range from all walks of life including stay-at-home parents, career women, and men who’ve gone public with their intentions to date other people. Members are able to create their profiles on the Ashley Madison website and then search profiles of others who match various criteria, such as location and age. If you are interested in exploring a range of opportunities on the World Wide Web, you can register on the Ashley Madison website and access the many features it offers. Some of its most popular features include chat rooms, multiple user profile management, and user search options that include sorting and blocking members you don’t want to see again.

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Despite the large membership, it’s important to note that not everyone on the Ashley Madison website is who you expect. There are numerous negative reviews and reports of infidelity on the site that suggest the infidelity has significantly impacted the membership and caused it to drop over 20% in a short period of time. Troy Hunt, the self-proclaimed “leading investigator” behind the leak, claims that the Ashley Madison leak was planned and executed by a group of hackers called the Impact Team. Although this is the most publicized event on the Ashley Madison site, there are a number of other high-profile leaks throughout the years. You should always take these leaks with a grain of salt, but there is definitely some validity to the theory behind the leak.


The goal of the Impact Team was apparently to manipulate the Ashley Madison online community and use the negativity and chaos to bring down the company. This resulted in a large number of users being banned and hundreds of fake profiles set up. As a result of the negative impact, many people have stopped using the Ashley Madison online dating site. They simply find it to be too complicated and cumbersome to use and maintain.


Troy Hunt says that the leak was carried out by an individual or group of people. There is no evidence to support his claim. In fact, there are a number of reports on the Ashley Madison forums from users stating that their accounts were hacked without their knowledge or consent. The same can be said for any leak from the cyberspace.


As of this writing, there is one employee of Ashley Madison who has quit on the site. This person is proving to be a disgruntled former employee who had many problems with management. He was fired after speaking with a reporter from an independent news agency. The reporter contacted the management of Ashley Madison and the management denied that the employee had applied to the site. Hunt is now suing the company for wrongful termination and wants to know who is really in charge of Ashley Madison!


Ashley Madison, and its parent company, Ashley Interactive, have until July 4th to turn all user records over to the attorneys general of each state. Additionally, the companies must provide proof of insurance to cover financial losses. Both of these actions seem pretty heavy handed… especially considering that all of these users paid a considerable amount of money to be a member of Ashley Madison!


Will the attorneys general actually do their job and perform their responsibilities? Probably not. Why? Because Ashley Madison’s business model is to get as many members as they can at the lowest prices possible.


The other major problem Ashley Madison faced recently was the posting of compromising videos and images on the site. This caused staff to be in fear for their safety. This is obviously a huge screw-up on the part of the management and the staff. One could only speculate as to who might have done this… but one thing is for sure… Ashley Madison has a serious case of employee fraud pending!